Who is R. A. Foster?

Not a rapper, or a singer.. I'm an artist. EP #FearInTheJungle Coming soon!
Throw up your Double Deuces!

She said he won 5 grammy’s, and his response was, “I lost 7 of em too.” The humility and honesty of Malik Yusef just inspired me in so many ways as a producer and artist. Thank you.

Double Deuce: it’s hand gesture where you raise your hand and put the middle finger down b/c it’s all love. This sign is my peace sign. Don’t just watch it happen, be apart of the movement! Take a selfie and hashtag #DoubleDeuceMovement!! Great things to come! (This is the artistic hand of @j_jetson, dope artist check em out!)

Success comes with passion, persistence, and diligence.

Last Friday @jackmetaphor and I played D’wayne Wiggins (founding member of Tony! Toni! TonΓ©) our cover to his hit song “Let’s Get Down”… He liked the cover so much that he let us perform it with him LIVE at Reggies!! The experience was surreal. Being able to close out his set with the cover and a 20minute jam session with Don Cornelius’s band was a moment in this journey that I’ll cherish forever! Very blessed and honored to be apart! #DoubleDeuceMovement #FosterAJack

Happy 4th of July πŸ”΄βšͺοΈπŸ”΅βœ¨πŸŽ‰

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